CoreopTips are superior rolling tips in many ways.  They are extremely strong and lightweight.  The tactile woody feel is the perfect compliment to rolling and smoking fine herbs.

Each time you roll with CoreopTips™ you can take time to appreciate the utility of native plants and know that you are helping pollinators thrive.

We are here to help you roll with conscience, and to help farmers and entrepreneurs start their own eco-minded business.


A few years ago, I realized that we are overlooking a valuable native species growing all around us...          

At the time, it seemed like a solution to the recent surge in demand for a sustainable single-use drinking straw. 


From there I have discovered over 20 useful products that can be made from the dried canes of this plant.

We have decided to market rolling tips as a way to spread awareness to the entrepreneurial-minded smoking community!

For raw materials, we rely on a network of local organic produce farms, flower farms and apiaries!
Not only does this enhance the positive effects that we can have on native pollinators, it improves the livelihood and lives of those good people who farm for a living.
Buying our product helps support farmers and native pollinators, and they support us in return.