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Does Tall Coreopsis Grow Where You Live?

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

The best states for growing tall coreopsis are, in no particular order; Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Kentucky, West Virginia Ohio and Michigan.

Check out different range maps to see if tall coreopsis occurs naturally in your county. You can probably get away with growing tall coreopsis well outside of its natural range, so don't be discouraged if you live in Oklahoma, Kansas, Wisconsin, Texas, Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia, or New York.

What if you don't live in the Eastern or Midwestern United States?

We are about spreading the word that tall coreopsis is a native species of unknown and untapped potential, but we are also about encouraging the mindset that problems can be solved with native species. Find the equivalent of tall coreopsis in your region or find a different plant that you find useful and try to meet market demands by manufacturing or processing it. We can use our wide-reaching access to information and technology to build farms and small businesses that are vertically integrated on a foundation of native species.

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