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What are CoreopTips™?

CoreopTips™ are for hand rolling and machine rolling applications. They come from a plant called Coreopsis tripteris, native to the Eastern and Midwestern United States.

Why is C. tripteris so special?

C. tripteris grows in degraded soil and tolerates frequent disturbance.

What better candidate for restoring degraded farm soil?

Using the incredibly sturdy stem of C. tripteris as a starting point, we can design a whole range of useful products that can compete with less sustainable alternatives, restore farm soil and provide invaluable food and support for a diversity of animals.

In one season these plants grow a hollow stem that can reach 8 feet tall. In addition, each plant puts out dozens of bright gold flowers that are a preferred food source for native honey bees and bumblebees. These seeds are also a prized commodity for small birds.

The majority of biomass produced by each plant remains in the field as trimmings or in the soil as dormant roots.

Besides providing alternatives to single-use products, we aim to guide entrepreneurs in adopting ecologically restorative business models that start with native species and work towards satisfying market demands.

Please spread the word, find your own powerhouse species, or take off with some of the ideas that you find here

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